Playing hookie

Everyone woke up on the wrong side of bed yesterday. I drank too much caffeine and woke up 2 hours earlier. Astroyboy woke up an hour earlier and Thumper was just sleepy. Add to that a friend who visited to chat in the morning and our whole routine was thrown off. I’m not blaming the visit itself as we were fine the other times when she visited.

When kids and Mama wake up too early, everyone is cranky. my requests went in one ear and out the other, and I in turn had a much shorter fuse. I couldn’t seem to help myself, even knowing that my behavior was not going to get the kids to finish their breakfast instead of playing; in fact it would do the exact opposite.  I could not take that needed step back and talk calmly to the children. There were lots of threats and lecturing.

The good news is that I did decide we were not doing “schooling” today. Instead we checked out the local homeschoolers library and I borrowed a thick stack of books related to the First Great Lesson I’m finally going to give. Thumper also borrowed a big book on making Halloween costumes and the kids had a lot of fun looking through the books in the car throughout the day. Since I haven’t transferred my Chinese songs to my iPhone for the kids to listen to in the car, I think I’m going to start stocking some books instead.IMG_1030.JPG

So this local library, it’s super neat. Run out of a basement and backyard cottage, there must be thousands of books in there on various subjects. The best part is there are no due dates! The children played with the toys strewn around the library while I browsed. I really love it. I had put off going there because they’re only open during our swim practice and on the mornings we have school. But maybe it’s time to change up the schedule a bit.

After the library visit, we went to Gioia pizza close to Gilman and the children enjoyed watching the pizza makers toss pizza dough in the air. Then we rushed to Blake Garden and the children ran around with friends. Off we then went to swim practice, then home for me to go to Daiso for my MNO.

The day ended in a happy note for everyone I think. We went out during snack time the other two days. It was lovely to get out and enjoy the sun. I didn’t realize how I’ve been getting tired of the monotony of our routines. We’re stuck in school in the morning, I take nap, then I’m stuck again in indoor swim practice. We have an occasional play in the park for Astroyboy if I get out early enough. But I’m busy on my phone usually getting some downtime and catching up on email. So I haven’t gone out myself to enjoy the outdoors. And I haven’t had those easy conversations with the children while we just hang out. AND I feel I’ve been turning into a terrible teacher nagging Thumper to work work work. It really isn’t how I want the days to go.

I’m making some curriculum changes by getting my ass in gear to prep for the First Great Lesson. And I think maybe talking to Thumper next week to get her input on what she wants to do. We’ve been working on the subjects as standalone subjects but I want to integrate them through projects so it doesn’t feel so mundane. She also likes making things with her hands and I’m hoping that following her interest will make schooling for fun for everyone.

Nothing like playing hookie to get your perspectives in order.



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