Getting some reading in while being sick

It has not been a good month.  First I got sick then Astroboy got sick and was feverish for 5 days, then I recaught his cold and was feverish for 7 days, getting worse not better.  I finally went to the doc and got some antibiotics for what turned out to be a sinus infection.   I was feeling so miserable, going to bed at 7 every night for a couple of days, miserable in class, till the antibiotics kicked in.

But what happens the first morning after the antibiotics?  I re-injured my back.  This is the injury that caused me to be in bed for 2-3 weeks the first time two years ago, when I found out I had herniated discs.  Then I re injured it in Taiwan with two kids in tow.  But the super great and cheap healthcare meant I could go see a PT twice a week and I was much better also after 2-3 weeks.

This time no such luck though I at least know what to do at home to take care of the problem.  On top of assignments for my math class due in a week and an all day Saturday class I might have to miss.  Double sigh.

Of course I also feel anxious because it’s meant that we havn’t really had school for weeks.  I feel so bad for Astroboy.   At least for Thumper we do the miminum reading and math when I can convince her. And she’s been super interested in cooking so could help out around the house.

Anyways, this week we’re on the last book in the Sagebook series.   And Thumper picked up the 我愛馬婷 I Love Martine series.  I’m amazed half a year ago she was complaining that the book was too long after reading a paragraph and now she’s willing to read it herself.  I’m guessing I really needed that middle step of large font and small number of sentences.

This morning I’m resting in bed and trying to get the kids to do their daily Chinese at least.  It’s actually kind of nice and relaxing to get work in but not feeling like we’re not getting enough done.  Because at this point something is better than nothing.

Here’s the video of her reading.  Sorry the volume is so low.   I do want to point out that’s she’s not reading super smoothly and I don’t have an idea what she’s saying half the time.  But I’m trying really super super hard to not be the Tiger Mom and correct her and make her feel discouraged.   I read a blog post once about what to do in this instance, when kids are just reading without regard to what they’re reading.    I need to dig the post up and try it.


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