Zhuyin Take 2

So after my post WAAAAY back in September, we did not touch on actual zhuyin for the rest of the year.

Me bad.

Now, I’m forming a class with some of the parents I know and picking up zhuyin again.  Teaching zhuyin from a once or twice a week point of view is so different from teaching your own kids where you have the option of learning it day to day, even if you don’t actually do it.

I wanted to do a series on zhuyin, from background to point of view of teacher, to the curriculum I’m designing.  So that you don’t have to necessarily take a class if you have the time to do it with the kids.  I know there is already a LOT of information out there so in a way, why one more?   Probably because the Montessori way of approaching phonics is so different from the other textbooks I see.  And this is part of the reconciling process I’m going through right now.  It’s a work in progress.  I will know more as our classes progress.

From a teacher’s perspective, how I would teach zhuyin is highly dependent on age of student, their English level, their Chinese character knowledge and their zhuyin background.   What crosses my mind when I hear parents’ stories on the zhuyin their kids know is that there is 4 areas in learning zhuyin.

  • learning to recognize the characters and associate a specific sound to it
  • learning to blend
  • learning to read
  • learning to spell

I’m planning this as a master post with a TOC to other posts.  In the meantime, check out the original post.  On re-read it feels so much wordier than what I’ve been telling other people.   The original post has background on zhuyin itself, how it changes pronunciations so I won’t go into it here. I”ll come back and update this master post as I write new ones.


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