Nov/Dec ’15 Curriculum

Well, at least this month’s curriculum planning only took 3-4 hours.  I decided to group them together because Dec will be a short month and Nov we will have about 1/2 week off.

I think I covered about half of what I wanted to last month, not too bad.

I can feel the laze starting to set in.  Which means that my presentation calendar isn’t as detailed as it used to be.  I hope it doesn’t really come back to bite me.  On the days when I’m good, it is still very nice to just check the calendar and see what presentation I’m supposed to give.

The kids actually did sing a Halloween song last month and I hope to cover one this month.  We even managed to make some ceramic pumpkins.

In terms of curriculum this month, we’re going to spend November and December just covering Set 3 of Sagebooks.  I’m hoping an extra month will give Astroboy some breather and help solidify characters he forgets.  I no longer have any real goal for Thumper in terms of teaching new Chinese characters because there’s no need.  We’ll just continue to use Anki to see what new words she’s learned.

I really really really hope I get to fractions this month.  And that I make progress in our squaring work.  And geography and geometry.  Those aren’t being touched really right now.

THEME Thanksgiving, Christmas, Time, Timeline of Life
Astroboy Thumper
– counting skip counting, 3, 4
– memorization addition/subtraction crabby, multiplication/division practice
– operations addition/subtraction golden beads multiplication/division
– squaring squaring a sum and expressing it numerically & algebraicly
– geometry geometric shapes straight lines, intersecting lines, planes
– fractions introduction to fractions
– characters Sagebooks Set 3 30 words
– writing metal insets, components Writing w/ ease, 2 a day, child autum poem for writing, song to write
– words reading comprehension
– songs 稻草裡的火雞 地球公轉 The Earth goes around the sun 稻草裡的火雞
– poems harvest poem harvest poem
– books Thanksgiving/Christmas video, Thanksgiving/Christmas books Thanksgiving video, Thanksgiving books
– zhuyin all 37 zhuyin+20 combos practice along with writing
– mechanics
– grammar introduction to nouns
– English sandpaper letters 6 letters, d, t, n, l, g, k Dr Seuss
– writing Writing with Ease Week 24
– mechanics question marks
– grammar Introduction to verbs, pronouns
– literaray recognizing literary elements, identify themes and plot
– book
– Earth perpendicular & Oblique rays, composition of earth, earth’s crust
– Physical Parts of Atoms
– Life Parts of the bird
– nature of matter Air experiments, Air pressure, Water Air experiments, Air pressure, Water
– Geography Australia Europe
History Days of the week/Months of the year, Clock of Eras, BC/AD Timelines
Timeline of Life Timeline of Life
Art Ceramic windchimes, Thanksgiving art Thanksgiving Art
Elements of Art
Music solfege 一隻青蛙, 稻草裡的火雞, any christmas song 稻草裡的火雞
Practical Life Thanksgiving/Christmas related art or crafts

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