Sagebooks Character Writing Practice Sheets

sage practice sheetsI’m sure you’ve come across New Taipei City Educational Dept’s 生字簿 user-generated character practice sheets website.

Well, that website doesn’t work on Macs.

Threw a wrench into my plan to finish generating these writing practice worksheets for Astroboy.  The Great O had posted a work around before of using Lumin PDF, but that doesn’t work now for some reason.

I was very stubborn last night and figured out all the ins and outs of how they generate those practice sheets.  But it didn’t really help me until I got Mandarin Mama to open Sets 3-5 on her Windows machine and just send it back to me in PDF.

This is after I spent hours troubleshooting last year for Set 1 because Sagebooks uses characters that are not the official Taiwanese ones.  The sheets just won’t open properly when you input a character an unofficial, unrecognized character.  So this set uses the Taiwan equivalent character version for some of them, like 著.

A pain.

Let me also say that these booklets don’t quite meet my standards.  The free online Taiwanese textbook character practice sheets kids use now days have handwritten versions on them instead.  This is so children don’t start imitating print letters, which is not the same as how you actually would write Chinese eventually.  But it will have to do for now until I can create the handwriting set.



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