The Earth’s Rotation

The BFSU’s curriculum is divided into 4 sections, Life Science, Physical Science, Earth Science, and Nature of Matter.  Since we’d been covering a lot of Nature of Matter and Physical science, I thought maybe we should cover something from Earth or Life Science.  Life science doesn’t lend itself to very fun activity in the beginning presentations.  So Earth science it was!

Thanks to the ever resourceful Co-op Mama, we the kids had a really great time.

First we started with an AC/BD presentation and Long Black Strip presentation, where I had a hard time wrangling the kids.   Then after a lunch break, we started on the presentation.

Co-op Mama first brought out her creation.  The kids went wild.  Everyone wanted to put it on.

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Unit Study: Moon 月球

A month overdue.  We’ve been done with the moon unit for a few weeks now.  Just found all the pics.  

At the beginning of elementary school year, a study on time is warranted, as you need to have the concept of time in order to study history.  In Montessori, the passage of time can be experienced in different ways in addition to learning how to tell time, which the kids both learned last year.

This year, I thought we would experience the passage of time by studying the moon.  This will kill two birds with one stone.  Astroboy will be learning the names of the phases of the moon as well.

We did this all in August and September.  Though the kids interest waned after a bit half way through, I’m still glad at least Astroboy now can tell me what waxing crescent is in Chinese.

Activity #1: Moon log

Rather than starting with learning the nomenclature, I thought we would start by keeping a moon log.  Partly because when I was researching the names of the moon, it was never as simple as the abstract pictures I saw on paper.   This would also give Astroboy a sense of the passage of time.

IMG_6732 copy

The moon log for Thumper included direction so that she can see that the moon travels if she observes the moon nightly.  It isn’t a requirement though because I wanted them to see that sometimes the moon comes out in the morning.

Though it would have pleased me to no end if both kids remember to look for the moon every night, it doesn’t happen.  Thankfully I’ve gone through this once 2 years ago and now I just remind them and don’t get mad about it.  However, they do marvel at the moon whenever they do happen to catch a glimpse.

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