More Sagebook Readers for Pink and Blue Series

Ooohoo.  Thumper and Astroboy finished their respective Sage books in March.  Thumper finished Pink Series book 4 and Astroboy the Blue Series book 2.  I racked my brain and made a second book for Astroboy.  If you think about it, it’s actually quite amazing that you can write a whole book with just 20 characters (our first book) or 40 characters (the second book). For Thumper, she wrote her own book because she did not write a sentence for every 3 characters daily like she was supposed to.  I actually like this way even better because she wrote so much it gave me a much better sense of her writing skill.  I then edited the story for her with her help, typed it up, and she’s half way done with illustration.  I would say the point of these books for her is more in practicing writing than reading because at this point learning new words is so easy for her, she gets her practice in just through repeat reading of the Sagebooks.

Thumper’s book IMG_5531

Here’s the complete story.  It’s printed as the back page of the booklet.  I highlighted the new words that she doesn’t know so that I can add zhuyin to them inside the book.  By my count, there are 256 characters total, 114 unique characters, with 10 new characters she doesn’t know.  That’s about 4% of the total, within the limit set for good reading flow when you’re reading for fluency.

IMG_5532 IMG_5536

Here are some sample pages, one with the zhuyin in it.

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